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JenzaZ HiFi LinkZ-
HiFi pages
Does these guys have a life? These pages contain huge collections of links to anything Hifi on the Net.
Audio Review
Nice magazine
Audio Tubes
For the Tube fanatics
Audiophile Links
yep, that's what it is!
How to Make Electrostatic Loudspeakers
Very interesting and illuminating.
KBAcoustics- DIY Links
Linker DIY Audio Pages
NAT hovedside
A very nice Norwegian HiFi shop.
Pass Labs DIY Projects
Probably the best DIY on the net !!!
Pass Labs Home Page
They are truly anazing, those pass amps!!
SBP - Almighty Subwoofers
If you like bass (I don't..)
SDS Labs Page
This guy has a very good page, with plenty of interesting projects, with very nice made circuit drawings ready to download.
Norwegian speakers! (In English)
Skandinavisk Selvbyggerside
Danish HiFi site. Nice!


AIM-Spice Home Page
Ivex Design International - Free Software


Analog Devices ELEKTRONIKK (Norway)
EE Design Center
ELFA - Allt mellan antenn och jord (Sweden)
Industry Links
Links to Semiconductors
Part.Net Home Page
PCP Elektronikkside
Resources and Links
RS Radio-Parts a-s
Tamura catalog
The Hatteland Group (Norway)
The Parts Connection- Catalogue
Welcome to Mectronic Buyers Directory - the Design Engineer Resource
YAMAHA - Audio ICs


Yes, it is anoying when stuff break down. But before you trow it away, take a look at these pages. You might be suprised by how easy it actually is to repair things yourself.

AnaTek Corp. - Monitor & Terminal Repair Databases
Electronic Repair Tips
Electronics, repair parts, repair information.
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ- Home Page
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ- Table of Contents (ToC)