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Welcome to our homepage!

This is the personal homepage for Natalia and Tor Arne Rysstad. We live in Oslo, Norway.
If somebody asked me; what is the point with a personal homepage, then I must admit that I'd probably answer; I don't know.. But still, of some reason, or lack there of, I've made these pages.. If you should happen to find any information that interested you, please send me an e-mail or fill in the form below!
This is what we look like!

Friends on the web...
Some friends on the net
I have tried to gather links to my friends homepages. Wow, you'd never guess that I'd do that, did you..? Well, some might view it as a typical homepage thing. But still, you'll find a list of links to friends here [Click here]
Russian and East European cars

I have collected some of the pictures of cars I have taken on my travels in Eastern Europe and Russia. 
Yes, I probably have too much free time... If you have too much time to, why not spend some of it by checking out some of the pictures? [Click here] 
Easter 2000 trip to Belarus
I went to Belarus to celebrate Easter 2000. And you are welcome to take a look at some of the pictures I took while I where there.  [Click here]
A building in Baranovitshi, Belarus
November 1999 trip to Poland
Poland is a truly wonderful country! The food is good, the people are friendly and there are so incredibly many interesting things to see there! My favorite is the Malbork castle. I've uploaded some of my and my friend Amund's pictures, but I haven't written any comments yet. I'll maybe do that later sometime, or if somebody writes me an e-mail asking for it. [Click here]
The Malbork castle at night

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